Areas Of Practice

With years of experience representing clients of diverse matters and needs, the attorneys at Dunn & Phillips, P.C. fully understand all the issues involved with your case.  Our attorneys and paralegal staff have been helping people navigate through this process for many years. Our offices in Amherst, Springfield and Westfield are fully equipped to handle your situation. We can explain the entire process to you. We are always available to answer any questions you may have.You may think you do not have a claim. However, an experienced lawyer can advise you of your rights.

Real Estate

  • Buyers: We will be here for you from the purchase and sale agreement, to the closing.
  • Sellers: We can draft and negotiate your purchase and sale agreement, answer questions regarding your responsibilities, assist with home inspection, and represent you at closing.
  • Loan Officers: We offer a quick turnaround on title, travel, and closings with flexible scheduling and careful attention to detail to meet your specific conditions.



Landlord/Tenant Disputes

We have successfully handled:

  • Non-payment of rent cases
  • habitability claims
  • Eviction Defense

We specialize in:

  • Mold Disputes
  • Lead Paint Violations
  • Security Deposit Disputes




We represent those injured or killed in accidents caused by:

  • Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Falls
  • Defective Premises
  • Dog Bites
  • Hazardous Construction Sites
  • Dangerous Product Design
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Negligent Nursing Home Care
  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Violent Criminal Acts



Motor Vehicle Accidents

Almost as soon as you have been in a motor vehicle accident, you start getting phone calls and letters from the insurance companies. The accident was not your fault. You may be hurt. Your car may be damaged or totaled. You may need a rental car. You may be missing work. You have health insurance, car insurance, and medical bills. You may not know what to do.

  • We will contact the insurance companies, and take charge of all communication with them.
  • We will determine what benefits are available to you, and effectively coordinate the process through the insurance companies to get you everything to which you are entitled.
  • We will work with your medical providers.
  • We will work to see that you are compensated by the at-fault driver, including going into the courtroom if necessary to get what you deserve.



Workers Compensation

Good people get hurt on the job every day. Sometimes the injuries are minor. Other times those injuries can cause a major disruption to your life. You may lose income, suffer a long-term or permanent impairment, or even not be able to return to work at all. However, the workers compensation insurer may fight you. If so, you will need the experience of Dunn & Phillips on your side for this fight.

  • Such problems may need to be resolved before the Board of Industrial Accidents. We are prepared to do so.
  • We investigate whether another party, beyond your employer, bears legal responsibility for your injuries.
  • We will pursue this party for the additional compensation to which you are entitled.



Civil Litigation

Civil Law involves non-criminal disputes. The parties involved may be individuals, businesses, or even government agencies. The attorneys at Dunn & Phillips are experienced in a multitude of areas in the civil arena, such as:

  • The Sales Process and Conveyance of Land, Environmental Issues, and Zoning Disputes
  • Breaches of Contract, Collection of Debt
  • Wrongful or Tortuous Interference with Contractual Relationships
  • Conversion of Proprietary Information
  • Unfair and deceptive practices in the course of trade or commerce in violation of the state Consumer Protection Act



Sexual Assault

If you have been a victim of sexual assault, the attorneys at Dunn & Phillips understand the seriousness of these deeply personal circumstances. We can provide you with:

  • Understanding, compassion, and caring legal attention to assist you through this difficult ordeal.
  • Assistance through the process of restraining orders and criminal charges as you attempt to restore order
  • Investigate civil remedies available to provide compensation for the trauma you have been forced to endure.




Criminal charges can have serious consequences. Even before you are charged, things that you do and say as a suspect can seriously affect the outcome of a later criminal case. A criminal record can affect your future. If you are charged with a crime, or believe you may be facing charges, you need to consult with an attorney who will defend your rights. Look no further than Dunn & Phillips. Do not attempt to handle such a serious situation alone. We can deal with the police; the District Attorney’s Office, and appear on your behalf in Court. We will represent your interests, and only your interests. Let the attorneys at Dunn & Phillips work to resolve the problem you are facing.



Alcohol Related Driving Offenses

Whether you term it “O.U.I.”, “D.U.I.”, or “D.W.I.” , alcohol related driving offenses have been the subject of intense public attention and scrutiny. Having such an offense on your record can have serious, and sometimes severe, consequences for your present and future. Your license can be suspended or revoked, or you may be facing incarceration. Your automobile insurance rates will substantially increase. Under current Massachusetts law, courts look back at all drunken driving convictions over a person’s lifetime in order to determine subsequent offenses which carry harsher penalties. At the offices of Dunn & Phillips, we hope that you choose not to drink and drive. Nevertheless, should you be charged, you need to seek competent legal representation to protect the rights that you have by law. Contact the Law Offices of Dunn & Phillips to see what our attorneys can do for you.



Drug Offenses

Having a drug conviction on your record can have serious ramifications for your future. Before a court of law, these cases can be determined by seemingly minor details, such as the actions of the police during the course of the investigation and arrest process. Therefore, if you are arrested for a drug offense, it is important to have experienced attorneys on your side. Whether it the charge is possession, possession with intent to distribute, selling, or other drug offenses, you will need an attorney who knows this area of law and who pays close attention to detail. Let Dunn & Phillips provide you with the determined legal representation you will need.



Last Will and Testament / Estate Planning

Please feel free to contact the Law Offices of Dunn & Phillips to discuss planning and preparation of the appropriate documentation to protect those who you leave behind. If you do not have a will, upon passing the distribution of your lifetime assets will be left to the laws of the state. Having a will provides you with control as to how your assets are distributed and who will be in charge of that distribution as the administrator of your estate. Things to consider:

  • Depending upon your circumstances, an estate plan may be appropriate to achieve the results you desire.
  • An option such as a trust during your lifetime may be suitable.
  • Available options involving the conveyance of real property may be another possibility to consider.
  • You may also want to factor in the availability of life insurance in determining distribution.




At Dunn & Phillips, we understand that the process of divorce is not only a stressful and emotional procedure for the spouses involved, but a hard time for the entire family. Regardless of whether the process is amicable or adversarial, the attorneys at Dunn & Phillips know divorce is a difficult and sensitive matter. We will work towards the most appropriate solution that the circumstances warrant. We will work with you throughout the process concerning:

  • Property and Asset Distribution
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody
  • Support and Visitation



Social Security Disability Insurance

When you are disabled and cannot work, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a viable option to receive benefits. Every worker who has a job who pays into social security can earn eligibility for SSDI and can be covered if he/she develops a qualifying medical problem or impairment. However, a majority of SSDI applications are initially denied. If you think you have a claim, call the Law Offices of Dunn and Phillips. We understand the process and can help you through the intensive forms.